About Warisan Akademi Pendidikan (WAP)

Warisan Akademi Pendidikan is an organization set up to meet the life long learning needs of working adults particularly to promote technology based management education.

Our partner ship with University Malaysia Pahang (UMP) provides education aimed at harnessing the working experiences of individual by providing them structured tertiary education suited to their working experiences and making them successful managers and executives.

About University Malaysia Pahang (UMP)

A public university that was formed by the Government of Malaysia. The main campus is situated in Pekan with 1842 hectres which can    accommodate 10,000 students and 2,000 staffs at any one time. It’s branch campus is situated in Gambang.


About UMP Advanced Education (UAE)

Designed with a vision of developing life-long learning programmes and opportunities for Malaysians. The department works with various government agencies such as East Coast Economic Region, private companies and individual to realise this vision


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